Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A year's work and way to go ahead...DSS, Pune Annual presentation.

The Society for Door Step Schools organized its Annual Presentation on Saturday, the 11th of May at the BAIF Development Research Foundation, Warje. The presentation provided an overview of the organisation's goals, objectives, activities, projects and reach, and the year's highlights. These were presented by the staff, with an emphasis on the holistic approach followed, with frequent lessons on hygiene and good habits, exposure visits to companies, book and science exhibitions, and various other activities. 

The recently enrolled Suraj and Suresh, two young boys who spend their time building solar chargers, cookers and countless other innovative things made an appearance, while young Ganga, a former student and current member of the DSS team warmed the audiences’ hearts with her story. In her concluding address, the President, Mrs Rajani Paranjpe, expressed her gratitude to the attendees and talked about the way forward.

The DSS gallery, a display of charts, photographs and the children's work, showcased the projects, which extend from providing basic primary education, surveying sites and enrolling children in schools, to providing support services, school transport facilities and vocational guidance.

The happy, informed guests at the end of the event were a testament to The Society for Door Step Schools’ steps in the right direction in the quest to taking education to every door step. 

To catch few glimpses of the day, please play the below video.

Write up and photo essay by Ms.Anamika Chakravarty, Intern, DSS.
Photographs by Ms. Amoli Birewar and Mr.Chinmay Jariwala, volunteers,DSS