Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Book fairies make daily school bus rides more fun and productive!

A PMC PMPL bus runs between Hadapsar and Wanorie to pick and drop students to and from school. Children staying in the Ramtekdi Vaiduvadi area commute through this bus. Ms. Sheetal Gaikwad and Ms Shabana Sayyed, residents of the Vaiduvadi area, work as book fairies in the Wanorie branch of our school. Even they use this bus while returning from school. 

During their travel from school, these book fairies observed that the students create a chaos in the bus and do not listen to the bus kaka, which makes it difficult for him to maintain order in the bus. To control this situation, our book fairies came up with a brilliant idea. They asked the students to read the books that are distributed to them, and it was decided that every student would narrate a story to the others during their bus travel.

Thereon, the children started reading books and preparing for their storytelling session. Thus, during their time in the bus, the kid would either be reading books or listening to the stories being told by others. This automatically reduced the chaos in the bus and their travel time was rather put to good use. For this positive change in the children, the bus kaka thanked our book fairies.

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