Thursday, March 7, 2019

What can we do for Suresh?

A 10 year old Suresh goes rag picking each morning instead of going to school. He hails from Solapur and currently stays in a makeshift hutment in Indrayani Waste, Moshi. This child who could attend school only till 3rd standard has created 4 Solar Panels which charge mobile phones and rechargeable batteries for lamps, providing light to 20 families. He did this from the waste he collected and the little knowledge of solar panels he got from his uncle. 

Rajani tai recently wrote an article (please click here to read it) about such kids and it is indeed worrisome that such kids do not get the education, guidance and encouragement to hone their skills. 

So what about children like Suresh? What can be done for them? What can be done for Suresh? We would really appreciate if anyone could help us encourage this smart kid further. Any ideas to help shape his future would be appreciated. 

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