Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Kudos to the Shikshan Mitras!

In our endeavour to mainstream the out-of-school children which involves not only enrolling them to schools but also ensuring that they continue going to school, DSS actively works with all the stakeholders: the Government, schools, and also the communities where we work. 

While working with the community, one of our initiatives, ‘Shikshan Mitra’ is yielding positive results. Through this initiative we work with the motivated members within the community. With their help, we are able to encourage and help parents to enroll out-of-school children and continue their education. These Shikshan Mitras are normally security guards, daily wage workers or people doing odd jobs. So far 56 Shikshan Mitras have enrolled 158 children to school. 

We appreciate the efforts taken by these Shikshan Mitras and look forward to more such helping hands!

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