Saturday, August 26, 2017

Resolution chit handi

Community Learning Centre (CLC), Hadapsar children seeking help from their teachers organised an activity on Janmashtami. One of the mythological kids stories on Krishna and his friends, inspired children in CLC to ideate their activity. Every child wrote one resolution in a chit and all these chits were deposited in a handcrafted handi made by them. This handi was hanged on the sealing. Girls in the centre were excited to form a pyramid and Krishna climbed up on the pyramid too. He pulled down the handi. Later, the handi was circulated among other children them to pick-up chits from it. It was decided that everyone will follow their respective resolution from the chit for at least a month. 
Festivals are celebrated in every projects in Door Step School keeping the importance of education as its basic theme. The efforts are in the direction to inculcate healthy habits in these children and should continue as they grow. 

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