Monday, March 7, 2016

DSS Republic Day Celebrations at Cluster - Moshi Rahatni

This Republic Day was celebrated at several clusters of Door Step School with volunteers actively participating in the activities for children and parents. At the Moshi Rahatni cluster, several activities like Lemon spoon, Ball throwing in the Basket, and Rangoli making, etc. were organised. The pictures below depict how happy these children seem to be. The parents also participated in the event.

There were also the flag hosting activities where our respected tri-colour National flag was hoisted at the hands of distinguished guests to the event. It was a nostalgic moment for everyone.

There were also activities which involved young women and mothers. It was a rejoice for them because mostly they tend to busy themselves with working for a living and taking care of their household.

DSS Republic Day Celebrations at Oxford Group, Mundhawa

It was that time of the year when the entire nation gears up to celebrate the most important day of Indian Constitution. 26th of January 1950, the date on which the Constitution of India came into force as the governing document of India by replacing the Government of India Act (1935). The republic day of India is celebrated with full patriotism in the national capital of India – New Delhi, with ceremonious parades at the Raajpath, which are performed as a tribute to India; its unity in diversity and rich cultural heritage.

Door Step School also decided to celebrate this histrionic day of Indian history by giving a message of kindness and love. The venue was Oxford Group construction site, Mundhawa, Pune. The children at Oxford Group Camp, aged from 3 to 15 years, were enticed and intrigued by the celebrations in their school earlier in the day. Furthermore, they were equally excited about celebrating with DSS Volunteers and Co-coordinators. DSS Volunteers led the event all the way starting with a tribute to our motherland and shouts of Jai Hind.

Every child in the camp, irrespective of the age group participated in the shout with equal compassion and respect. Following the awe-inspiring shouts of nostalgia, the kids were asked to write a paragraph from one of their text books as it was being read out by the volunteers. The winner was to be announced on the precision of words used and their handwriting, of course. The language used for the paragraph was Hindi or Marathi. To add to their vigour, their parents showed full support with cheering their children. The kids of relatively smaller age of 3 to 5 had a drawing competition. The winners of both events were handed over prizes and everyone got a special treat.

DSS will continue to help these kids craft kind and brilliant minds with an intent of shaping them to live a better life. Many kids lack the self-esteem necessary to cope with the challenges the world puts in front of them. At DSS, we help to build self-esteem in the belief that once people see the value within themselves, they will begin to see that value in others. This behaviour becomes self-perpetuating, and spurs an “upward spiral” of kindness. This is why we are here.

Exhibition on Science Day 2016 at Golwalkar High School, Pune

February 28th is observed as “National Science Day” every year. Door Step School children celebrated this day by organising a Science Exhibition on February 27, 2016 at Golwalkar High School, Aundh with help of DSS staff and Quest Lab.

Earlier this month, the Door Step School teachers had conducted an exhibition in collaboration with Quest Lab, an initiative by Mrs. Malti Kelkar. The Exhibition had received a very good response. The children insisted that they would have their own exhibition too, as they do every year. Quest is a city based Maths and Science laboratory. Through their innovative teaching methods, they simplify Maths and Science concepts and make them easier for children to learn. Few students from Door Step School have been attending weekly workshops at Quest and they have been enjoying these thoroughly.

The Exhibition on Science Day was inaugurated at the hands of Mrs. Malti Kelkar. The students and entire arrangement took the visitors back in their own childhood days. The experiments were simple, but the enthusiasm of the children was unmatchable. Some of the experiments conducted were - Fire needs oxygen, Air exerts pressure, Water magnifying glass, How to make a Terrarium, How is a Magnetic field created, etc. Used and waste material was utilised in all the experiments. The children greeted everyone visiting their table, listed out the material required for the experiments, and explained the process and concepts in detail.

The credit for the clarity of ideas and Science concepts goes to Quest Lab. Mrs. Malti Kelkar was happy to meet parents and DSS volunteers. As always her enthusiasm knew no bounds when she saw how everyone was actively involved in making the exhibition a success. She also suggested that we should have such events on a bigger scale which will help increase the interest and participation of children.