Sunday, January 24, 2016

Update on “Human Brain and Intelligence” Exhibition by DSS

Door Step School’s Parivartan Training Center has organized an Exhibition on “Human Brain and Intelligence”. It is based on the theory of “Multiple Intelligence” by famous Psychologist Howard Gardner.

Such exhibitions are primarily organized for the staff of Door Step School with an objective to enhance their knowledge, and are also open to people from other organizations. A lot of people have so far visited the exhibition and the number of visitors keeps increasing every day! We are getting positive feedback from all: they liked the way information is presented and the games and tools which have been prepared. They are appreciating the way we are explaining the meaning of every aspect of the exhibition to them.

The exhibition has started on 18th of January 2016 and will continue till 25th of January 2016. Those who have not visited it yet are again invited to do so. Please do come and spread the word!

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