Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Training of PMC Education Associates

Parivartan Training Center of Door Step School had organised a special training programme for teachers from Pune Municipal Corporation schools. As a part of this training conducted on 5th and 7th of November 2014, the PMC teachers were trained to prepare and use some innovative teaching aids. Also, all of the teaching aids prepared at DSS Training Center were displayed for the teachers to see. The teachers were impressed with these teaching aids and requested to teach making and using them. However, it was not possible to cover all teaching aids in one day. The teachers told that they would approach their seniors to extend the scope of this training.

The Shikshan Mandal has launched a new project - Shikshak Sahayogi (Education Associates) - with help of Pune Municipal Corporation, Corporates and NGO’s in Pune. The objectives are to improve quality of education and to achieve goals of cleanliness and digital literacy. These Education Associates are supposed to be responsible for improving teaching methods of teachers. They are supposed to conduct training workshops for 2,500 school teachers and to develop teaching methods in the classrooms to support each teacher. In accordance with these objectives, the Education Associates are undergoing trainings at various organisations.

As a part of this project, the Shikshan Mandal approached Parivartan Training Center of Door Step School for training all these Education Associates. Accordingly, a training session was organised for 80 Education Associates on 22nd of September, 2015. The trainers from Parivartan Training Center conducted this training in three groups.

The First Steps Forward Programme, which is run by Door Step School in PMC and PCMC schools with an objective to improve reading abilities of 1st Standard students, was explained in detail during this training. The Education Associates were trained on using innovative learning resources to make reading a fun activity, eventually growing the children’s interest in it and improving their reading skills. Some of the activities and games covered under this training were -
  • Butterfly tool for alphabets and Heads-and-Tails tool for composite letters;
  • Cross and Circle Game;
  • Musical Chair Game;
  • The Lost Letter Game;
  • The Mango Game;
  • Passing The Parcel Game;
  • Talyat-Malyat (Water-and-Land) Game;
  • Sasaa-Sasaana (Rabbit-and-Falcon) Game;
  • The Bangle Game;
  • Tikli Maarun Jaave Game, etc.

All of the Education Associates were involved in making these teaching aids and playing above-mentioned games. Even corresponding notes were distributed for their future reference. These notes will be helpful during training of school teachers.

Trainers’ Remarks -
  • Providing proper guidance to teachers is the key to improve existing education system. Parivartan Training Center of Door Step School is happy to be part of this initiative by Shikshan Mandal.
  • The trainers are hoping that the trainees will use the knowledge and skills learnt during this training, for the benefit of school teachers and eventually the students.
  • The trainees asked for help in making teaching aids for Urdu. Since Door Step School does not teach this language, this request could not be worked upon. However, it highlights the need of such innovative tools in teaching any language.

Training Feedback from Education Associates -
  • The trainees felt that this training would be useful for developing reading skills in students from 1st to 4th Standard.
  • Since the training was interactive and was based on activities and games, the trainees never felt it boring, rather they enjoyed every moment of it.
  • The trainees felt that use of teaching aids and learning through games would help students understand and remember what they have learnt.
  • The trainees insisted upon making all the teaching aids that were put on display during the training.
  • The Education Associates mentioned that it would take long for them to reach every teacher in the concerned schools, hence organizing a direct DSS-to-Teacher training would be more helpful. That would help more efficient and immediate implementation of innovative teaching methods developed by DSS.
  • The trainees asked for guidance upon using teaching aids for students from 5th to 7th Standard.
  • The trainees requested for help in teaching Urdu.
  • The Education Associates also suggested to prepare games for teaching Maths.

- Contributed by Chaitrali, Parivartan Training Center of Door Step School

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