Saturday, April 4, 2015

A memorable trip to Katraj Zoo.... Volunteer Speak

By Sharmista Deshpande, Volunteer

During a regular English class with the Door Step school children at Kondhwa, we discussed about taking a break and going for an outing before the summer holidays begin. We considered various venues and finally decided to go for an outing to Katraj Zoo.

On 28th March, Wipro Cares along with Door Step School organized this visit to Katraj zoo with thirteen primary and middle school children. We also had few friends of the Wipro Cares volunteers who helped with the event and photography. All of us were quite excited about the event, as for most of us it was the first time we would be involved in taking a group of school children out for a picnic.

The children along with the teachers and Kaka were at the venue sharp at the given t. They made a really fabulous entry with all the children neatly dressed. It was very evident that each one of them had taken special efforts to be very presentable. The most admirable part of the entire event was the discipline shown by each and every child. They walked in a queue throughout the park and showed amazing social skills. Hats off to the teachers who are constantly vigilant and pay attention to every child. They have imbibed the values of punctuality, sharing, discipline, having the curiosity to learn and simplicity. Each one of these values are so evident in the children and very often prove to be more important in life than just academics.

The children enjoyed doing long jump in the sand pit and also swinging in the monkey zone on the monkey bars. They could spot and identify all the animals especially the white tiger, leopard and the elephants. They were very enthusiastic and noted down the names of these animals in English in their notebooks. They were able to remember all the animal names during a quick Memory Game which the volunteers had organized.

Post lunch of a Subway mini meal, we all went to the snake park. This excited the kids the most. The grand finale was the photo session followed by the “Wada Pav” session in the bus.  Just before we left Katraj zoo, the kids presented us with a beautiful Greeting card prepared by them. It was absolutely priceless.
This was one of my most memorable trips to the zoo. It was made special by these young children and their dedicated teachers. Thanks to Wipro Cares and the Door Step School, we have started on a long but rewarding journey to educate these children and teach them the values and various life skills that are important to succeed in life.  Every step we make will bring us closer to this goal and help realize our vision.


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