Monday, December 29, 2014

Every Child Counts - NGO Outreach at Nashik

Door Step School in its endeavor to reach all out-of-school children through its "Every Child Counts" Citizens' Campaign held an outreach program for NGOs in Nashik, Maharashtra on 8th December 2014.

7 NGOs participated in the Outreach and were introduced to the Every Child Counts Program model. The representatives of the NGOs explained the situation of migrants and their educational inclusion in Nasik. All NGOs expressed willingness to support the Door Step School vision of "Every 6-7 yr old in school" within the scope of the work they carry out and also look at ways to partner.

With a population of more than 17 lakh, Nashik is reflecting all infrastructure and social problems like Pune: Construction of fly-overs, bridges, roads, residential and commercial buildings is seen all-over the city. Apart from out-of-state migrants, people from rural area around Nashik are also migrating to the city, in search of employment.

We look forward to garnering support and funding for reaching children in Nasik and other cities in India through the "Every Child Counts" program.

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