Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Breakfast Revolution @ Door Step School

Door Step School and Decimal Foundation partner to start the 'Breakfast Revolution' in Pune.

Door Step School, Pune in partnership with the Decimal Foundation launched "The Breakfast revolution" experimentally in Pune on 8th November. 333 children aged 4-12 years at 2 locations in Mohammedwadi and Balewadi where Door Step School runs its Education programs for migrant children were assessed for nutrition levels. The health check-up was done by a team of fifty medical and paramedical professionals who traveled from Mumbai . Over a 3 month period, the children will be provided fortified breakfast and their nutrition levels monitored.

Children in India are more malnourished than children in sub-Saharan Africa (UNICEF). 1 of 3 malnourished kids in the world is from India. This is despite India having the world's largest Midday meal program, serving 120 million kids every day. Midday meals are operated via thousands of vendors, are not standard, lack taste and nutritive value. The solution - supplementing midday meals with a great early morning breakfast!

The Breakfast Revolution aims to provide tasty, healthy, standardized and safe power breakfast for kids. Children in low income schools receive a glass of Soya milk sweetened, flavored (chocolate, vanilla, mango, strawberry) and fortified (Vitamin A, D, Calcium) along with a packet of double fortified biscuits (fortified with iron and folic acid). Each breakfast has GUARANTEED 300 calories, 6-8 grams of protein, 50% of daily requirement of Vitamin A,D, Calcium, iron and folic acid.

Door Step School thanks the Decimal Foundation and our donors for making this initiative possible. !

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