Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Door Step School, Pune partners with The Kahani Project

‘Kahani’ time for Parents and Children from PPCE (Parents’ Participation in Children’s Education) project areas 

Just the idea of listening to a story brings a sparkle to the eyes of the old and young! Two interesting and enjoyable story telling sessions were conducted in October in partnership with ‘Kahani’ to reinforce the message of regular school attendance and gender equality. The audience was mainly the parents and children of construction sites in Mohammadwadi and Suraksh nagar areas. The venues? A big shady tree and an open space near a labor camp!
There were about 40-45 children and 25-30 parents at both the ‘venues’ who not just listened but actively participated in the story telling session. Ajay Dasgupta and Sneha of ‘Kahani’ had them enthralled with their story telling skills. The constant interaction between the story teller and audience made everybody feel they belonged in the story!

In the first story, children identified with the character of Aslan and his friends and happily joined in the refrain when prompted. They learnt how they can play, learn, have fun and also make a lot of friends in school and how they can help each other in times of difficulty. ‘So, make sure you go to school every day and take all the children from your neighborhood along with you!’

The second story was based on Mahashwetadevi’s ‘Moena:the why-why girl’. Children by nature are curious and love to ask questions. This is how they learn and very often show adults how something can be done differently. Unfortunately, adults do not encourage their curiosity and so this story advised the adults to keep an open mind and not be averse to change. ‘Send your daughters to school along with your sons!’ Just after this story, Ganga, a DSS student for the last eight years who is now a student of Std XI was interviewed. This reinforced the importance of sending girls to school.
The third story was about two friends ‘Budhu’ and Chaalaak’! The two friends come to each other’s rescue many times and walk hand-in-hand. No matter what your name, you are capable of thinking and doing a good job of any given task.

At the end, Ajay also showed photos of Mary Kom and Malala and talked about these two girls and how they had overcome difficulties to become world famous personalities.

Contributed by Harishchandra Phadke, Translated by Archana Vyavaharkar

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