Monday, October 27, 2014

Door Step School named 'Pioneer' in the Lego foundation ‘Re-imagine Learning’ challenge

We are pleased to share that Door Step School Pune has been named one of the 30 pioneers in the ‘Re-imagine Learning’ challenge who "offer novel, playful approaches that challenge the conventions of learning. In its effort to shift dialogue around learning and play, Door Step School is one of the best ambassadors". 

The challenge, organized by Lego Foundation in partnership with Ashoka Changemakers had more than 630 ‘Challenge’ entries from 68 countries around the world showcasing their creative approaches in using play to learn.

"The society for Door Step Schools.(DSS) Project Foundation, achieved the highest ratings in terms of innovation, social impact, sustainability, and Challenge relevance. It demonstrated not only an ability to create high quality learning outcomes, but it did so in a novel, fun, and playful way that overturned the conventions of education." said Mirjam Schoning, Global Head of Programmes & Partnerships , LEGO Foundation in her citation to Door Step School.

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We invite you to view our Learning through Play video on YouTube.

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  1. It gives me great pleasure to see these observations made by a critical/ neutral third party in acknowledging the good work and the strengths of Doorstep, especially since it echoes the very same sentiments that many of us already have towards DSS. In and endeavor as bold and farreching as bringing basics of literacy to the fragile, dangerously underpriveldged sections of society, an organisation such as Doorstep Schools which has made it their mission statement needs all the support and endorsement it can graner, we wish DSS Godspeed in all its endeavors and applaud this endorsement,