Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Door Step School’s Parent’s Participation in Children’s Education team (PPCE) works with PMC schools to reach parents

Active involvement of parents in Children’s education implies 
  • School drop-out rate resulting from long absenteeism is near zero
  • Children do not remain out-of-school  or are never enrolled due to parents attitude being casual or disinterested towards education  
The parents of children who were Irregular/ Consistently Absent from schools were identified as the first target group for the Project.

In February, PPCE team worked with 15 PMC schools (in the areas of Kondhwa and Mohammedwadi) and identified the list of children enrolled during the academic year 2013-13 in Class I and II and their attendance status (Regular/Irregular/Consistently Absent). The team then tracked the children, identified reasons for their absence, worked out solutions and persuaded their parents to send the children back to school.  Overall 7% of the absentees (or 1% of enrolled students) came back to school.

The team’s experiences in working out solutions, persuading the parents of absentees and sending the children back to school will be shared in the next couple of blogs. 

Involved Parents

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