Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Now one more way to stay connected...

Door Step School (NGO) had organised a gathering on 23rd of February 2013, for volunteers contributing in various projects. To expand the reach of DSS activities and to keep in touch with current and potential volunteers, it was suggested to use social media tools like Facebook groups. Hence a group has been created for volunteer-related communication at http://facebook.com/groups/dssvolunteers. Do join and start sharing your experiences and ideas with other volunteers. Also, please add members in your contact and help us reach more volunteers. Thanks!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

" Yes, We can" - Dr Mashelkar speaks to DSS children

As eminent scientist, twenty seven universities have honored him with honorary doctorates, Dr. Mashelkar has won over 50 awards and medals from several bodies for his outstanding contribution to science and technology. He has won the JRD Tata  Corporate Leadership award and Star of Asia Award in the hands of George Bush Sr. He also has been awarded Padmabhushan in year 2000 by government of India.

About 80 children from various construction sites in the age group 10 years and above were taken to the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune for this event. Children were thoroughly awestruck by this experience.

Would you like to be the "Wind beneath these wings"?

Engineers in Making

Jagdish Sen, studying in standard 4th, Sagar Nora, studying in standard 5th and Sohail Sheikh, studying standard 4th made a working model of city streets. Entire projects was created using scrap material from construction sites. Traffic lights were made using small LED's, scrap wires and batteries. A spinwheel of cars was made by DC motor extracted from a remote controlled car picked from trash and connected using wires to a wheel made of cardboard and Styrofoam.  When asked how they were able to put together this creative model, they said that they got the idea after visiting a mini railways museum where moving miniature trains were displayed. A BIG THANKS TO VOLUNTEERS AND SUPPORTERS FOR MAKING SUCH EXPOSURE VISITS A REALITY FOR THESE CHILDEN !!

Jagdish's father works at the construction site as a supervisor and he has 3 sisters. Two of the sisters are going to school, however the eldest one does not. Jagdish goes to school regularly and also helps other children to walk to school every day. This construction site is on a hill and arranging transport was not possible. Earlier only about 8-9 children used to attend school, but with this initiative started by Jagdish, 23 children from this site are attending school regularly now. Kudos to Jagdish !!
Jagdish wants to be an IAS officer when he grows up.

Sagar's parents have 5 children. His mother is a homemaker and father is a welder. Overwhelmed by expenses of such a large family, he sent Sagar to work at a nearby tea stall. Sagar ran back home and started to attend school. Sagar's ambition is to become engineer when he grows up.

Sohail's parents work at the construction site as daily labors. He has one sister and two brothers. All of them go to school. Sohail would like to become a doctor when he grows up.

Republic Day Celebrations

January 26th, Republic Day, was celebrated in all construction site centers. Typically the celebrations start with morning procession, followed by prayers, flag hoisting, national anthem and exhibition of projects by children. Variety of different activities are planned in each center. Visitors and volunteers are also present in many centers to participate in the celebrations. The event is concluded by distributing sweets to all children.

Friday, February 15, 2013

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