Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Changing their views...and lives!

Vikas lives with his parents on a construction site in Pune. He has been enrolled in a nearby government school. He also attends study classes run by Door Step School at the site. On a recent occasion, Vikas expressed his views about school and study, through these wonderful slogans :-

"Aadhi Roti Khayenge, Phir Bhi School Jayenge"

"Maa-Baap Ki Ek Hi Ichha - Bachche Paaye Poori Shiksha"

"Khushboo Ho Har Phool Mein - Bachche Ho Saare School Mein"

This is what right environment does with children. It changes their views...and lives!

Well done Vikas!

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  1. Mandar...thnx for the blog..keep up the stellar work