Sunday, July 29, 2012

Environmental Education Programme by iVolunteer

iVolunteer conducted Environmental Education Programme for Door Step School children, on 30th June 2012. 5 Volunteers from this group planned and executed this event for 36 children. 3 teachers, 5 supervisors, and 2 coordinators from Door Step School assisted the volunteers.

Children were divided in different groups to carry out different activities:

Children from 2 groups were instructed to draw environment-related pictures. Children themselves spoke about the pictures and explained what message they wanted to give.

Children from 2 groups were asked to cut pictures from newspapers and make collage regarding environment. Children were then asked to talk about the message given through collage.

Volunteers explained the procedure to sow plants in pots.

Volunteers also discussed following topics with the children:

  • Thoughtful use of electricity and fuels.
  • Why we should stop cutting trees.
  • Maximum usage of non-conventional energy sources.
  • We should stop water wastage by closing the running taps.
  • We should use electric appliances only when required.
  • Maximum utilization of paper, before throwing it as garbage.
  • How to save fuel by cooking food in covered pots.
  • Why we should not use plastic bags.

Children participated in all activities with great enthusiasm. Their response to discussions and their environment-friendly ideas were worth appreciating.

Thanks to iVolunteer group for organizing such an interesting programme at Door Step School!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Engineering his way to future...

Sunny Prakash Bhosale

Sunny with his mother Rekha

Construction site "Golden Trailies"
Meet Sunny, a 4th grader from one of the DSS construction sites "Golden Trailies", in Balewadi area.

Sunny was enrolled in DSS construction site center in 2010. Prior to coming to this location, he was going to school in the earlier location. When Sunny came to DSS, he already knew the basics of reading. DSS staff enrolled him in 3rd standard of a nearby municipal school.

However, due to shortage in funding for school transport, Door Step School could not provide school transport to the children from this site. Sunny lost interest in school. He stopped going to school and started to work in a nearby tea stall. Other children followed the suite and stopped going to school.

Door Step School staff had a uphill task to turn the situation around. Daily discussions and  persuasions with the family and the hotel owner finally led to Sunny going back to school. The parents sent the younger sister to school as well. Realising importance of sending the children to school and continuing their education, they made their own arrangement for school transport. Sunny's mother is a 6th standard pass and father is 8th standard pass. Both the parents have the resolve to ensure that the children complete their education.

Sunny is one of the toppers in the class and last year he cleared entrance exam for "Vidya Niketan Schools". Vidya Niketan Schools are municipal schools targeted for top ranking students from various municipal schools. Now Sunny gets government supported free of cost school transport right from his doorstep, a privilege for students of "Vidya Niketan School".

Sunny is a born leader; he loves to play cricket and marbles. He is strong in mathematics and gets full marks in the subject.

When asked what he would like to be when he grows up, prompt came the reply "Mechanical Engineer".

Congratulations Sunny!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back to School

Ready to get on the school bus
We love school, but please give us transport
Look at my handwriting

Schools have reopened. Children at all our construction sites have been enrolled in schools.  With the help of all our funding partners, schools transport is provided wherever possible.  There are still over 400 children waiting to get school transport arrangement, as the group in the second picture. This group of children is not able to go to school simply because there is no transport. They continue to learn at the construction site school run by Door Step School. 

The cost of school transport per child per month is Rs. 300. 
Your donation of Rs. 3000 will help send a child to school for the entire year.

Would you like to help? 
Please write to

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Changing their views...and lives!

Vikas lives with his parents on a construction site in Pune. He has been enrolled in a nearby government school. He also attends study classes run by Door Step School at the site. On a recent occasion, Vikas expressed his views about school and study, through these wonderful slogans :-

"Aadhi Roti Khayenge, Phir Bhi School Jayenge"

"Maa-Baap Ki Ek Hi Ichha - Bachche Paaye Poori Shiksha"

"Khushboo Ho Har Phool Mein - Bachche Ho Saare School Mein"

This is what right environment does with children. It changes their views...and lives!

Well done Vikas!