Friday, March 16, 2012

Women of Door Step School

In this special series on Women of Door Step School, we will cover case studies of our women staff who have shown significant progress during their tenure at Door Step School.

Meet Ms. Laxmi Sibbalwad, who is currently a teacher at one of construction site schools. 

Laxmi joined us in 2006 as a house keeping staff for a center. Her duties were to sweep and clean the center and fetch water. Later she and her husband went back to their village and returned to Pune in 2009, at which time Laxmi rejoined at one of our Kondhwa centers as a housekeeping staff.  Her sincere and hard working attitude helped her move into a new role of  day care center staff at this center. During this time she observed how the teacher conducted the class and took initiative to help in teacher's absence. Seeing the potential in her, Door Step School enrolled her into Teachers' training program. After completion of the teacher's training, she was employed as a teacher in one of our centers.

Last month, Laxmi was given  "Best Teacher" award by the builder,  in recognition of her good work, sincerity and capability.

Laxmi is 10th standard pass and has been married for 6 years.

Our heartiest congratulations to Laxmi for her achievements and Best wishes for continued future success.

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  1. so heartwarming to read! good wishes to all who dedicate their efforts to sincere teaching!