Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project: A Teaching Method

"Parivartan" training center for Door Step School, Pune organised an exhibition  on 
" Project: A Teaching Method", where various project based teaching aids and techniques were displayed. Learning through projects helps children understand a topic easier due to the hands on experience it offers.  It also helps improve their creativity, concentration and attitude for exploration through fun and entertainment. The exhibition attempted to bring out ideas and techniques along with posters for information and step by step approach for implementation.

The project based display had a large number of familiar projects such as " House", "Helper", "Season" etc. In the display for "House",  homes for animals, birds, farmers, and various types of homes such as hut, igloo, bungalow, multistory building etc were displayed using simple easily available material at construction sites. All aspects about a house were explained along with the material used and benefits for a specific type of construction were explained. Similarly, in the display for seasons, seasonal clothes, care to be taken in each season etc was displayed. In the helper section,  postman, farmer, jeweler, painter, pharmacist etc were displayed along with details of their equipment and information about their work. 

Use of creativity  and imagination is crucial to comprehensive development of a child. Doing project with children helps them think outside their normal school curriculum. It is important that while teaching children through project based method, the teaches should encourage creativity. If their ideas are given priority in designing a project, children learn with extra enthusiasm. "Project - A method to teach" has attempted to display these techniques and ideas.

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